Sunday, July 24, 2011


- In case you missed the final published schedule (July 12) there were some final additions to fill the last gaps - in what was already a pretty packed demonstration schedule:

DAVID ROBERTSON - Saturday, 9 to 12 AM - 'Beyond the Basics'

David operates Hammer & Tongs, and is widely know via his membership list at This forge work experience goes back to the early 1980's. He is one of the best known teachers of introductory and intermediate blacksmithing in Ontario. David's demonstration session will be ideal for those who are looking to expand 'beyond the basics', illustrating more complex shaping techniques for those who have gotten serious about their blacksmithing hobby and want to progress to the next level.

MICHAEL MCCARTHY - Thursday, 8 to 9:30 PM - 'A Sculpted Head'

Mike is one of our featured demonstrators. He has offered to present an additional short session at CanIRON 8. He will be demonstrating how three dimensional punching can be used to create a specific decorative terminal, a sculpted face / head. He says the form 'looks like an old man's face to start, then you fold it over and it looks like a human head from one angle, and almost like a horses head from another.' Of certain to be of interest to those who like to work with punch work techniques.

DAVE KRITZ - Thursday, 8 to 9:30 PM - 'Copper Leaves'

Dave is a local Ontario smith. He often demonstrates to the general public, but this will be his first major to fellow blacksmiths. Dave has developed some cold working techniques using copper tubing and sheet. He will be illustrating these methods - which can make nice additions to your smaller forged projects.

ROBERT WAGNER - Sunday, 9 - 12 AM - 'the Historic Forge'

Robert will be undertaking a display and demonstration of his War of 1812 styled portable charcoal forge. This is part of our free public outreach programming. Come take a look and where blacksmithing in Ontario started - and how far we have come.

Only FIVE more days!

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