Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting to CanIRON 8

- We hope you are coming!

Fergus Ontario is just north of the city of Guelph, to the west of Toronto.

The main access highway is Number 6 - which runs straight through town. It also takes you within about four blocks of the Wellington County Sportsplex site.

The 'dirt simple' directions are :
* Get to Highway 6, take it into Fergus.
* Bleyside Ave crosses Highway 6 at on the south side of Fergus. Turn east on to Bleyside.
* The CanIRON 8 site is the Centre Welllington Community Sportsplex, a large complex on your right hand side, about 1 km along Bleyside.
* The main CanIRON 8 grounds are to the rear - follow the banners (and smell of coal smoke!).

If you need more detailed directions, check the information prepared for you on the CanIRON 8 Maps & Directions page.

Hope to see you soon!

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