Sunday, July 24, 2011

the Gallery - See and Be Seen!

The Gallery at CanIRON 8 is one of the best ways to show all your peers and everyone else who attends – INCLUDING the public – just what you’ve been up to and what you can do.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, the original object must be at least five times that!

Remember that with very few exceptions, ALL submissions will be displayed (single items, not multiple of the same item unless they are significantly different in technique or design.) We have a large space, so bring your work and let everyone see what you do!
Unsure? Email me, call me, ask

Thinking of bringing something but it isn’t complete yet?
Send me the information you have (name etc.) and number of pieces you think you might bring. Sending me the information beforehand does not mean that you are locked into bringing it.If you bring a different piece that is fine, just so that I get an idea of who is bringing work and I can start the tags!

If your piece fits the criteria for the “Joined by Joints” (work employing mechanical joins which are not welded brazed or soldered) additional category and you want it to be a part of this put it on the card and let me know!

You need to sign your works into the gallery at the beginning so that I know I have the right creator with the right piece and out of the gallery at the end so that I know that the right person is walking away with that piece. If someone else is bringing your work, send me an email or call me and let me know who to expect as the authorized person for the work you are submitting. I will make the process as quick and simple as possible. The in will be made simpler by you having and or/sending the filled out submission card beforehand, and I’ll make the out as simple and quick as possible. Remember that early drop-off could get you media exposure as the media will be being given a walk through after our media kickoff. (This means Thursday by about 11:30am or noon.)

The signing out is important to try to be sure that the right person walks away with your piece. If you’ve sold it during its display and someone else will be picking it up, or you can’t get there to do it and are sending a friend you need to inform the gallery as we will do our best not to release the work to an unauthorized person. As you sign out your work be sure to check for messages – the public and other members will be able to leave you information, questions, requests at the gallery. All messages will be in sealed envelopes for you to pick up. All works must be picked up from the Gallery by 5pm on Sunday, July 31.

Most importantly – BRING YOUR WORK.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have already sent me information about the works they intend to bring, to encourage everyone to bring work and send me information (or questions or concerns), and to thank everyone for their help and support in this huge undertaking.

I hope you all have a great time at the conference and I look forward to seeing you and your work!

For more details, see the Gallery segment of the CanIRON 8 web site.

Kelly Probyn-Smith
Gallery Co-Ordinator

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