Monday, May 16, 2011


Well, the truth is that the CanIRON 8 team *did* screw up a bit here.

We had set our original price for the CanIRON 8 T-shirts based on a general quote for the cost of shirts, printing, plus a (small!) mark up. In general discussion later, it was decided to stick to a higher quality MADE IN CANADA shirt. Our goof was that the better quality does cost more, and we forgot to adjust the price accordingly.

The published pre-order price is actually slightly LESS than our COST for these Canadian Made shirts!

Starting (today) May 15, the cost for the CanIRON 8 shirts will be:

Pre-order : Before June 15
Sizes - S / M / L / XL - @ $15 each
Sizes - 2XL / 3XL - @ $18 each

At CanIRON 8 : All Sizes - @ $20 each

1) Anyone who pre-ordered EARLY will keep the 'below cost' price they have already paid!
2) The difference in price for the oversizes reflects the cost price difference from the supplier.


To date there have only been TWO pre-orders for the offered CanIRON 8 ball caps. For that reason, the organizing team has decided to CANCEL the order of hats.
Those people who did pre-order will be given a full refund of course.

The lesson is : Order Early!
Remember that pre-registration for CanIRON 8, before May 31, will save you $25 of your admission price.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Early Bird Gallery Drop May Get You Media Coverage.

For those who are planning to bring a piece and/or pieces to the Gallery to show, here is something you may want to think about. We are planning to have an Opening Ceremony Media Event on Thursday the 28th around 1pm. We have the Mayor and the City Council of Fergus attending to accept the presentation of the Bench and do a media kickoff for the event to get their initial sound bites and a few shots for their viewers. Our publicity liason will be walking the media around after the opening ceremonies to show them some of the highlights and help get them shots of things their viewers might appreciate. One of those stops will be the GALLERY. Those who drop off their work early in the game have a chance that their pieces will get caught by the camera and get FREE MEDIA EXPOSURE. The gallery will start accepting works at 9 am and while there are no guarantees, those pieces that are dropped off early will certainly have had time to be processed and displayed to their best advantage in the hope that they WILL get media coverage and entice the buying public to come to see our Gallery.

Please make your best effort to get your pieces there early so that we can try to make you famous!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sales at CanIRON 8 ?

Thinking about taking the opportunity to sell something to those gathered for CanIRON 8 at Fergus? Here is the lowdown on what is available to you:

Tail Gate Area

There will be an area available to paid CanIRON 8 REGISTRANTS ONLY for more casual 'tail gate' styled sales.
- Only full paid registrants can set up in this area - there is NO ADDITIONAL COST.
- Only full paid registrants will have access to the area (as customers)
- The basic space is 10 x 15 feet (a 'truck')
- Vehicles can access the area ONLY :
Thursday - 11 to 12 AM / 5 - 6 PM
Friday & Saturday - 8 to 9 AM / 5 to 6 PM
Sunday - 8 to 9 AM / 1:30 - 5 PM
NOTE : There are no other 'in and out' privileges, 'once its parked, it stays the day'
- Area will only be fenced off during stated hours, no security is provided.
- Participants can set up their own overhead booth with tables if they wish, no electric will be provided.

The Gallery

Paid registrants to CanIRON 8 can offer the objects they display in the Gallery for sale. Remember the gallery is open to the general public (free admission, 1:30 to 4:30 PM each day). Gallery staff will NOT be handling direct sales, but will collect contact information from potential purchasers. You will have to make the arrangements with the customers to complete the sales. CanIRON 8 asks that a good will honourarium of 5% of the sale be donated to the CanIRON 9 (2013) fund.

The Auction

An auction, open to the general public, will be held on Saturday from 6:30 - 9 PM. Individuals may chose to sell items via this auction. Please, only objects or tools related to blacksmithing. There will be a 30% COMMISSION off the sales price withheld by CanIRON 8. (Remember that HST will apply to these sales.)

Vendor's Spaces

There are a number of commercial vendor's spaces available in a special (outdoor) area of the CanIRON 8 grounds. These spaces are OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC (free admission) for specified hours.
- The basic space is 10 x 10 feet @ $100 (+HST) / 10 x 20 @ $150 (+HST)
- You must supply your own booth and fixtures.
- Limited provision for electric power can be arranged.
- Open hours : Thursday - 1 to 6 PM
Friday & Saturday - 9 AM to 6 PM
Sunday - 9 AM to 1:30 PM
- Set up : Thursday - 9 AM to 12 noon
- Tear down : Sunday - 1:30 to 5 PM
- Vehicle access : 8 to 9 AM / 6 to 7 PM - ONLY (no 'in and out' privileges)
- Area will be fenced off outside public hours, BUT NO SECURITY IS PROVIDED.
- Renting a vendor's space DOES NOT include membership access to the CanIRON 8 grounds.
More information on applying as a CanIRON 8 Vendor is available as a PDF download

Just want to help CanIRON 8 out?

CanIRON 8 would be more than happy to accept donations of items that will support our fundraising efforts. Small items are ideal for the popular Iron in the Hat draws, which will be taking place daily over the event. Larger items donated will be sold at the public auction. In either case, full mention of your kind support will be made verbally and on our list of supporters.
More information on becoming a Sponsor of CanIRON 8 is available as a PDF download

Sorry that there has not been too much new content here of late. We have been too busy WORKING on CanIRON 8 - to have time to just write about working!