Saturday, May 14, 2011

Early Bird Gallery Drop May Get You Media Coverage.

For those who are planning to bring a piece and/or pieces to the Gallery to show, here is something you may want to think about. We are planning to have an Opening Ceremony Media Event on Thursday the 28th around 1pm. We have the Mayor and the City Council of Fergus attending to accept the presentation of the Bench and do a media kickoff for the event to get their initial sound bites and a few shots for their viewers. Our publicity liason will be walking the media around after the opening ceremonies to show them some of the highlights and help get them shots of things their viewers might appreciate. One of those stops will be the GALLERY. Those who drop off their work early in the game have a chance that their pieces will get caught by the camera and get FREE MEDIA EXPOSURE. The gallery will start accepting works at 9 am and while there are no guarantees, those pieces that are dropped off early will certainly have had time to be processed and displayed to their best advantage in the hope that they WILL get media coverage and entice the buying public to come to see our Gallery.

Please make your best effort to get your pieces there early so that we can try to make you famous!

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