Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another Demonstrator Added!

We are happy to announce that we have added British artisan blacksmith Paul Allen to our initial roster of demonstrators for CanIRON 8.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

CanIRON 8 Web Site...

Or really only a framework for a web site!

There is an existing
But if you check it, you will see its just acting as a re-direct to the last CanIRON, this last summer at Ness Creek. I have been trying to track down just who manages that domain, but without a lot of results (at least so far)

You might want to book mark the CanIRON at Ontario Blacksmiths link. I manage the OABA site, so certainly it will remain possible to keep the latest information (as it firms up) on to that address. Of course, expect weekly updates and tid-bits here on the CanIRON blog!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Potential Demonstrators

These are some of the people who we have contacted - and who have expressed an initial interest in demonstrating at CanIron 8:

Paul Allen
Dorset, United Kingdom
Sandra Dunn
Kitchener, Ontario
Joinery Techniques
Jesus Hernandez
Huntsville, Alabama
Japanese Tradition Bladesmithing
Mike McCarthy
Copperstown, New York
Colonial Pipe Tomahawk
Jake Powning
New Brunswick
European Pattern Welding
Mark Puigmarti
Port Perry, Ontario
Contemporary Work

Brian Russell
Winston, United Kingdom
Architectural Designs
Kelly Smyth
ChaddsFord, Pennsylvania
Marine Fittings
The intent of the organizing team is to gather together a group of EIGHT featured demonstrators for CanIRON 8. As well as the people seen above, there are a number of others still under consideration.
The focus for the conference is more towards hand techniques, suiting the practical needs of the attending blacksmiths. Our hope is to recruit demonstrators who have proven abilities not only in terms of technical skills and inspiring work, but also those with good communications / demonstration skills. We would like individual demonstrators to interact with the participants as much as possible, providing not only demonstration sessions, but also some to be involved some kind of a direct hands on workshops. There will be space and time for lecture styled presentations by the demonstrators as well, with aspects of design an important topic for the conference.

Modified 11/29/09 to add Paul Allen

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Framework Timetable

This is the tentative schedule for CANIRON 8:

Time / Area

July 28
July 29
July 30
July 31
August 1

9 - 12
Site Opens

Packing Down

Demo A

Feature Demonstration
Feature Demonstration
Feature Demonstration

Demo B

Feature Demonstration
Feature Demonstration
Feature Demonstration

Hands On

Guided Workshop
Guided Workshop

(12 - 1:30)
Registration Opens

12:30 - 1:30

Mealtime Presentation
Mealtime Presentation
Mealtime Presentation
Site Closes

1:30 - 4:30
Gallery (public & ongoing)


Demo A

Feature Demonstration
Feature Demonstration
Feature Demonstration

Demo B

Feature Demonstration
Feature Demonstration
Feature Demonstration

Hands On

Guided Workshop
Guided Workshop
Forging Competition (public)

(5 - 6:30)
Welcome BBQ

Auction (public)

7 - 8

Main Hall
Opening Ceremonies
Feature Presentation
Feature Presentation
Closing Ceremonies


Feature Presentation
Feature Presentation

8 - 9

Main Hall
Meet the Demonstrators
Feature Presentation
Feature Presentation
Closing Ceremonies


Feature Presentation
Feature Presentation
Gallery Closes

(6 - 12)
Open Forge
Open Forge
Open Forge

(Sorry if this is a bit hard to read - Blogger does not import tables very easily!)

The Organizing Team is intending on setting up the CANIRON site to provide for the following:

DEMONSTRATION AREAS - There will be two main areas equipped for your featured demonstrators. You can see that this means two choices for any given session - with sessions planned for both morning and afternoons on Friday / Saturday / Sunday.

HANDS ON AREA - There will be a third work area, equipped with between 6 - 8 forge work stations.
1) In the mornings (Fri/Sat/Sun) these stations will be available for self directed work by any participants. Over the mornings, a volunteer with some teaching experience will be on hand to supervise and assist.
2) In the afternoons (Friday / Saturday only) one of the featured demonstrators will conduct a specific hands on workshop session. Individuals wanting to participate will need to sign up in advance, and available slots will be limited. Of course others will be free to observe those sessions.
3) In the evenings (Thurs/Fri/Sat) The work stations will be available for pick up work, inspiration, or just plain messing around. There will be no teaching supervision provided in the evenings.

LUNCH TIME LECTURES - In the later half of the lunch period, speakers drawn from a wider pool will be presenting shorter sessions on an expanded set of topics inside the gallery space. We expect to be able to provide 35 - 50 spaces of seating, so come feed your mind as well as your body. (Friday / Saturday / Sunday)

EVENING PRESENTATIONS - We have broken the evenings down for two individual sessions, to take place in the main dining hall and also in the smaller space inside the gallery. Each session is for an hour, and is certain to include formal presentations by your featured demonstrators.

FORGING COMPETITION - Love it or hate it, forging competitions done on the spot between teams of participants are always a big part of any gathering of Blacksmiths! Our hope is to allow the general public to be able to observe the goings on 'from behind the ropes'. This event will take place in the Hands On area on Sunday afternoon.

AUCTION - In keeping with our mission to inform and involve the public in selected aspects of CANIRON, we are hoping to open up participation in the fund raising auction to those with fatter wallets! The Auction is scheduled for Sunday late afternoon.

GALLERY - The best way to inform the public to what we REALLY do is to allow them access to the Gallery. Bring your best and most inspiring work, make sure you include a stack of business cards. The layout of the site at the Fergus Sportsplex is ideal in terms of both layout and large size. Security and close supervision will be provided for all the work.

Modified 11/24 :
Corrected calender dates (!)
Added second evening presentation space

Friday, November 20, 2009

Looking Good

Well done, Darrell. This looks very good. The more information we have available, and the easier it is for folks to make suggestions, or ask questions, the better this conference will be. We are off to a great start.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fergus - a View of the Area

Center Wellington Community Sportsplex
Formerly Fergus Community Center
550 Belsyde Avenue E, Fergus, Ontario N1M 2P7

Note that this image has NORTH roughly at the bottom.

Google Maps

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Monday, November 16, 2009

CANIRON VIII - in Ontario!

Host - Ontario Artisan Blacksmith Association

Place - Fergus Fairgrounds, Fergus - Ontario, Canada

Dates - Thursday 28 July to Monday August 1 - 2011

Stay tuned as more details develop!