Monday, November 23, 2009

Potential Demonstrators

These are some of the people who we have contacted - and who have expressed an initial interest in demonstrating at CanIron 8:

Paul Allen
Dorset, United Kingdom
Sandra Dunn
Kitchener, Ontario
Joinery Techniques
Jesus Hernandez
Huntsville, Alabama
Japanese Tradition Bladesmithing
Mike McCarthy
Copperstown, New York
Colonial Pipe Tomahawk
Jake Powning
New Brunswick
European Pattern Welding
Mark Puigmarti
Port Perry, Ontario
Contemporary Work

Brian Russell
Winston, United Kingdom
Architectural Designs
Kelly Smyth
ChaddsFord, Pennsylvania
Marine Fittings
The intent of the organizing team is to gather together a group of EIGHT featured demonstrators for CanIRON 8. As well as the people seen above, there are a number of others still under consideration.
The focus for the conference is more towards hand techniques, suiting the practical needs of the attending blacksmiths. Our hope is to recruit demonstrators who have proven abilities not only in terms of technical skills and inspiring work, but also those with good communications / demonstration skills. We would like individual demonstrators to interact with the participants as much as possible, providing not only demonstration sessions, but also some to be involved some kind of a direct hands on workshops. There will be space and time for lecture styled presentations by the demonstrators as well, with aspects of design an important topic for the conference.

Modified 11/29/09 to add Paul Allen

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