Monday, May 16, 2011


Well, the truth is that the CanIRON 8 team *did* screw up a bit here.

We had set our original price for the CanIRON 8 T-shirts based on a general quote for the cost of shirts, printing, plus a (small!) mark up. In general discussion later, it was decided to stick to a higher quality MADE IN CANADA shirt. Our goof was that the better quality does cost more, and we forgot to adjust the price accordingly.

The published pre-order price is actually slightly LESS than our COST for these Canadian Made shirts!

Starting (today) May 15, the cost for the CanIRON 8 shirts will be:

Pre-order : Before June 15
Sizes - S / M / L / XL - @ $15 each
Sizes - 2XL / 3XL - @ $18 each

At CanIRON 8 : All Sizes - @ $20 each

1) Anyone who pre-ordered EARLY will keep the 'below cost' price they have already paid!
2) The difference in price for the oversizes reflects the cost price difference from the supplier.


To date there have only been TWO pre-orders for the offered CanIRON 8 ball caps. For that reason, the organizing team has decided to CANCEL the order of hats.
Those people who did pre-order will be given a full refund of course.

The lesson is : Order Early!
Remember that pre-registration for CanIRON 8, before May 31, will save you $25 of your admission price.

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