Monday, June 13, 2011

Volunteers Needed!

Fellow Members,
As I write this there are just 46 days to the start of CanIron VIII.
For nearly two years a small group of people have put in countless volunteer hours on your behalf to organize this event. The hard work has been done for you. What we need now is for every member who is attending CanIron to help out and volunteer just a few hours of their time if they are able to. We need people to man the gates, help at the forging stations, sell tickets and especially for set up and take down. Every blacksmithing event relies on volunteers, some more than others. With this event we need more than the few who have already signed up. There are no special blacksmithing skills needed, just a willingness to help, so please get in touch with Dan Linkenheld dlinkenheld@ or myself
Remember this is our event, no one can do it for us. It is us who will benefit from what we all put into it.
Thanks & be safe

Mick Smith

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