Saturday, July 23, 2011

A look at the GROUNDS

So this is a rough to scale layout of the Sportsplex grounds - and how CanIRON 8 will be set up.

On this diagram, NORTH is the BOTTOM. The access into the complex is from the bottom of this drawing off Belyside.

Our registration desk is in the center of the Sportsplex building. There is ample parking out front, so park and come in side to sort your membership.
From there, those camping can drive back behind the building via the access roads shown on the map to either the tree covered (for tents) or open area (for RV's or tents). There are plenty of available spaces, the allocation is 'first come - first pick'.
Those staying off site, or just have day admissions (or even just watching the free public aspects) should park to the REAR of the main building.

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