Saturday, December 5, 2009

Facilities / Content / Pricing ?

(A Personal Observation)

Right now, the CanIRON 8 core team (Brad Allen, Mick Smith, Shirley Young, Elaine MacKay, Darrell Markewitz) have gotten a pretty good start in framing up the event. A date and site have been chosen, a slate of demonstrators confirmed, a draft schedule and tentative grounds layout are in hand.

Last week's blog poll was directed to potential fees for the event. Although at this point the sample is admittedly small, the results were a bit surprising. A full 50% of those who responded felt that a fair cost for admission to CanIRON 8 would be $200. All but one of the other respondents listed $150 as a likely fee.

This puts the concepts of the organizing team right on track, as it is our hope to be able to fix admissions price for the event at something between $150 and $200. This also puts us pretty much in the same line as earlier CanIRON events.

One thing that will be of note to all those intending to come to CanIRON 8 : The main outdoor area booked for the conference is fully equipped with electrical and water hook ups for RV camping. Although it is a bare, flat grass field, it will be ideal for tents and trailers. The tentative fee for a camping site (paid through the Sportsplex itself) is $25 per night. I suspect that several tents could share a single site. This offers a low budget alternative to local hotels or B&B, plus will keep you right on the centre of activities.

The next task before us is to draft a budget framework for the entire event. The hope is that we can have at least a rough set of numbers available for our next full face to face in early January. Hopefully within a month we will be able to announce the participant's fees for CanIRON 8.


  1. I'm not sure I would take those poll results as gospel, given that it was arrived at with a pretty small sample size and obviously the temptation would be to bid low, not high. A $200 preregistation price seems to me like a minimum feasible price, it doesn't seem likely to me that $150 would be doable without a pretty high attendance figure. Just an opinion.

  2. Please keep the registration as low as possible if you want people to come. At $200 I wont be there

    Also keep in mind that many people cant attend the entire event. So they will need rates for a 1/2 day or a day.