Friday, December 11, 2009

Help Us Spread the Word!

Do you have a web site?
It would be a big help to get the word out if there were a number of links back to the CanIRON 8 web site.
(This also would raise the site on the Google listings too)

CanIRON VII - FErgus

Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex

Fergus, Ontario

Thursday July 28 - Monday August 1, 2011

The Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association
is pleased to announce we will be hosting the next Canadian National Blacksmith's conference!

Find out how things are progressing by visiting the WEB

The actual html code snippet that makes what you see above has been formated into a text (for Word / PC) and placed in a small file on the OABA / CANIRON8 web site - this is the direct link

If you cut, save and paste that stuff in to your own web site - it should produce the same thing you see at the top of the page.


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