Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gallery for CanIRON 8

The CanIRON team is pleased to announce that Kelly Probyn-Smith has volunteered to handle the GALLERY aspects of the conference.

Although Kelly is a relatively new face to OABA, she brings a good depth of experience to the effort. Most specifically her ongoing series of gallery / sales exhibits 'Not Just a Trick Pony', and great ties to the arts and theatre crowds in Toronto.

Although its still early days for this aspect of CanIRON, some good ideas have been put forward:

1) Organizing the overall display more like a commercial gallery or artists exhibition, with stress on presentation of the included works.

2) More information for each piece, including some details on method and design inspiration.

3) Possible development of a pre-juried exhibit of higher quality works.

4) Still an area for 'works in progress' and work at the beginner, hobbyist, and journeyman levels.

5) Allowing for free public access to the Gallery collection over fixed (limited) hours.

6) Inclusion of networking opportunities such as 'meet the artist' and area for distributing cards and fliers.

7) Possible co-sponsorship of a longer duration exhibit at a local museum or gallery?

8) Development of a 'virtual gallery' web site, making a permanent record of the contributed works.

Expect more information on the Gallery as Kelly gets her plans drafted and in place!


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