Friday, May 14, 2010

Demonstrator Profile - Sandra Dunn

Sandra Dunn
Kitchener, Ontario

" Blacksmith Sandra Dunn studied Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo and began blacksmithing in 1996. Incorporating traditional blacksmithing techniques such as forge welding, riveting and mortise and tenon joinery, her work reflects a deep interest in the gestures recorded by material that has been worked by hand."

Full time blacksmith since the mid 1990's, Sandra operates Two Smiths, a business that designs and builds architectural features in a variety of metals and styles. From restoration work to contemporary sculpture,projects often involve collaboration with architects, artists and other manufactures and include a stainless steel bicycle powered wind instrument for Open Ears Festival, bronze clad Art Deco entrance doors for the Registry Theatre, a curved copper wall in a Manhatten loft and a Baroque iron railing in Bornholme, ON.
Sandra has been a featured demonstrator at earlier CanIRON's : Ness Creek, Saskatchewan (2009) and Hamilton, Ontario (2005)

Interior Staircase railing

Detail of Forged Railing

Gate Latch

Sandra's web site includes a small portfolio and information about courses in metalsmithing.

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