Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Information Card!

This is the front side of the information card that is being produced by us by Barbara Pearn of ColourPix

This is only a low resolution proof image, but it will give you some idea of what the finished product will look like. The CanIRON 8 team will have cards on hand starting at the May 8 OABA meeting, with the intent of being able to distribute a good number at the upcoming ABANA conference later in that month.

A bit of trivia:

The image of the forge weld was shot by Neil Peterson. Neil is the head of the DARC Iron Smelting demonstration team, a special event on Friday of the conference. The smith involved is Darrell Markewitz (one of the fools who kicked off this whole thing!) What is being welded is actually an iron bloom, made in an earlier experimental smelt, using Viking Age methods.


  1. I like it, its considerably more readable than the similar image posted on March 11th.

  2. David (and other readers)
    Remember that first set of images (posted back in March) were only *very fast* concept roughs!
    I had thrown those together in an afternoon so that there was something to propose to our graphic designer.
    You can see the very clear difference between my own (vague) ideas and the work of a professional graphics person!