Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kelly Smyth - Demonstrator Profile

Kelly Smyth
ChaddsFord, Pennsylvania
web profile

With nearly all experience in blacksmith shops using traditional
tools and techniques (often without electricity), Kelly is convinced it is the easiest way to make accurate copies of hardware for either newly constructed historic
ships or buildings.
Smyth spent five years in a blacksmith’s costume at Colonial Williamsburg before connecting with shipbuilder Allen C. Rawl and his Kalmer Nyckel. She’s also participated in the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and consulted with the Smithsonian to review hardware recovered from Cleopatra’s Barge. Built in Salem, Mass., in 1816, it was owned by the king of Hawaii when it sank in 1824.
Past projects include all the hand forged hardware for the new version of Discovery (1607) at Jamestown Settlement in Virginia and the John Smith 400 Shallop, an eighteenth century topsail schooner, originally constructed in Chestertown on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Dry land work has included hardware for the new Print House (1672) at Historic St. Mary’s City on Maryland’s western shore, both colonial capitols in the seventeenth century as well as private commissions.

Forge welding heavy ship's fittings (Image by Chris Queeney)

18th Century Door Latch
Private Commission, Esssex County VA

Chain Plates for the Discovery, Jamestown Settlement

Kelly does not currently support a web site

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