Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mark Puigmarti - Demonstrator Profile

This is the third of a series of profiles of the featured demonstrators for CanIRON 8. The text and images are being gathered from each individual's web site. Readers are encouraged to visit these, as in most cases there is not only a greater selection of each artist's work to see, there are often other goodies like techniques or video available.

Mark Puigmarti
Port Parry ON

"Forging yellow hot steel is as much an art form in process as the resulting piece. I thrive on exploring both the physical techniques and unlimited design possibilities. Many times a vision of a finished piece is an opportunity for investigating or discovering a process through experimentation to achieve a design element. I am continually amazed by the mediums ability to be moulded hot relatively easily into endless shapes and textures from heavy jagged, to smooth gentle fluid lines that are equally enduring."

"I feel that it is so important to challenge myself to create designs that are not typical for ironwork because the resulting expression is individual and intriguing. My approach to this work is with a touch of naiveté and bags full of patience. This establishes a borderless environment for the creative process."

Also on Mark's web site :

A much larger portfolio of his past work, including detailed concept drawings which can be compared to finished work in the gallery section.

Unless otherwise indicated, Images and text are taken from the individual's web site, and are used here with permission. Full copyrights apply.


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