Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January workings...

The last couple of weeks have seen a large amount of deep background work for CanIRON 8:

1) At the January 16 OABA meeting, a set of core team leaders for work over the actual conference days was recruited:

Site Manager - Wolfgang Bleckert
Demonstrator Co-Ordinator - Darrell Markewitz
Volunteers Co-Ordinator - Dan Linkenheld
Registration - Shirley Young
Gallery - Kelly Probyn-Smith
Trouble Shooter - Mick Smith

These are hardly ALL the responsiblities, but they do cover many of the major areas. Expect that each will be recruiting sub teams closer to the conference dates.

2) A draft budget was prepared by Shirley Young. This gives us a working framework. The most important result is that the organizing team expects to have a final announcement on admissions costs for just after the next meeting on Feburary 13 (at Waldies in Milton).

3) Research is being done into the design and production of the program / catalogue. Right now the thought is that a graphic designer will be chosen to handle this work. Right now a quote guideline is being prepared and rates being sought.

4) Research on 'swag' items - and costs. Some general ideas have been collected about what might available for conference members. This includes items that might be for sale. A general tracking down of possible sources and collecting of general cost quotes is underway.

The organizing team continues to gather good ideas on activities for CanIRON. We need input from those intending to attend the conference! Drop us an e-mail with your thoughts.

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  1. To be honest, while I'm a big believer in giving input and feedback to help out as much as possible, you guys have done such a good job so far organizing it, there just isn't much input to give, really. I realize it sounds obsequious, but you've got so far is just bang on, the demonstrators all look good, the operating philosophy about it being our conference and about having demonstrators who are not just knowledgeable and talented but who are also good teachers, it all makes sense. So, at least from my limited perspective, the reason you may not be getting much useful feedback may be because none of us have any disagreements with what you've done already or have anything useful to add.