Thursday, March 11, 2010

Event Flier ? - Forge Weld

The CanIRON team is putting together a simple 4 x 9 inch 'rack card' styled handout to help remind people about CanIRON 8 and get them the basic facts about the event. Working with our graphic designer, Barbara Pearn of ColourPix, four (very fast - very rough!!) concepts are being considered. Note that the specific image shown here may not be the one chosen, its more just to express the idea.
Second thing is that the logo seen on these is NOT the final version which Barb is also designing for us!

This is the first one : Dramatic Forge Weld
Hey - you gotta love a forge weld! One thing for sure however, you all reading this are blacksmiths yourselves, so there can't be any phony / staged 'oil on the anvil' crap.

1 comment:

  1. I wholeheartedly agree that a forge weld is the biggest wow factor in the blacksmith demonstrator's toolbox. My only hesitation in this case, however, is that it might make the text difficult to read, as in this image, thus somewhat defeating the purpose. I understand, of course, that this image is not final, just meant to convey the idea. That being said, I suspect it might be difficult to make an image with a forge weld on it where the text is sufficiently legible. I suppose that's what graphic designers get paid the big bucks for, though. :-)